TJM Training Concepts, LLC


TJM Training Concepts (TJMTC) is a veteran owned and operated training and consulting business specializing in personal safety, safety of our families, employees and our community.

TJMTC provides insight, offers solutions, educates and trains our clients on topics such as concealed handgun safety, use of force, responsible gun ownership, tactical pistol and rifle, leadership classes, active shooter for law enforcement, civilians and businesses, to name a few.

A wide variety of classes are offered for beginners through professional and are custom tailored to the specific needs of our clients. TJMTC is based out of Happy Valley, OR, but will conduct classes wherever it is most convenient for our clients, locally or nationwide.

TJMTC draws on over two decades of deep, broad experience to provide realistic, hands-on classes that ensure clients at all levels have the skills necessary to accomplish their goals to the highest standards of safety and competence.

'A true warrior constantly prepares for the fight and all its variables, he doesn't believe he will rise to the occasion when it happens, he knows that he will only fall back on that to which he has trained to do.'

~TJ Milashouskas